As stated in former posts, the main reason for which I am blogging less than usual is that like many other colleagues I am working hard on the upcoming PDC (have you registered yet? You better hurry!). And what I could be working on, if not identity?

Identity is going to be BIG at this PDC: if you want to get a taste of it, just visit the sessions page and pick the identity tag... but it's not the sheer number, albeit high, that is the most impressive: the quality of the sessions is extremely high. While I can't reveal any really juicy info just yet I can assure you that if you are interested in the topics I discuss here, at PDC2008 your jaw will drop. More than once.

I can't wait to be able to chat with you about it at length, so make sure to come to LA and enjoy the best PDC identity content ever! 🙂

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