New Issue of the Architecture Journal: Article on "Claims and Identity, On-Premise and Cloud Solutions"


The latest issue of the Architecture Journal is available for download here (I am breaking the news even before the rest of the pages are updated from issue 15 to issue 16: see how much I care about you?;-)).

What makes this especially interesting is that issue 16 is entirely dedicated to identity! I have to admit that I've yet to read most of the articles, but I've definitely went through 2 of them:

Writing for the Architecture Journal is a big honor, as you can see from the list of high profile former contributors, and I am very grateful to Diego for having my article in this issue. Thanks man! And thanks also to Gianpaolo, with whom I had many deep discussions that helped me to keep the abstraction tangents to what i hope is an acceptable level 🙂

As usual, if you have feedback feel free to send it my way

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