The New York Times on passwords, OpenID, Information Cards Foundation & Kim

I was dividing my attention between the Scrubs special on TV & Digg on my PC, when an article titled "Experts: Passwords May Not Be a Good Online Defense" caught my eye: well, couldn't agree more!:-)

It turns out that the article is from the NY Times, and it's short & sweet hence there's no need for me to summarize it here: Mr. Stross manages to capture the problem pretty effectively, also thanks to some nice quotes from Kim.



P.S.: I know, I know. I still owe you an RP post for completing the Zermatt intro series started with the STS and card issuance. Keep the faith, it's coming! 😉

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  1. Da. În IT. Înainte să-mi dați rating de rahat, ca la postul cu dansul (cel mai votat în cei doi ani și

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