Toward Catalyst

[edit: the Microsoft Hospitality Suite is on Thursday, not on wednesday as I originally wrote. Thanks Christian!]

Next week is Catalyst time. It will be a nice time to raise my head a bit from all the super interesting (but sometime exhausting) stuff we're brewing here in Redmond, which is leaving me little (zero?) time for blogging.

It's always very nice to have a chance to spend time with other identirati, there's nothing better than that for preventing groupthink. Last field trip, the IIW, was truly great in that respect: discussions with Dick Hardt, Drummond, Paul, Ryan, Axel, Andy and Pam, stimulating sessions from Bob & Pat... and many others. In fact, those events are great for getting back in touch with the reality of the market. When you work with super early adopters and you spend your lunches discussing with colleagues fine subtleties of claims and token ecologies, it's easy to forget that out there there are still shadow accounts & passwords on post-its. That's what I realized during this IIW: probably for many people a lot of the stuff I write here comes across as abstract as the gliders in the game of Life. Just so you know, I am planning to be MUCH more concrete in the next entries.. that is, if I find the time to blog 😉 after the conference I'm off to Italy, where I hope to relax for few days in my home town gaining back the 4 Kg I've lost specifically for being able to stuff myself during vacation 🙂

If you are coming to Catalyst and you want to chat, you can find me at the Microsoft Hospitality Suite on Wednesday Thursday evening in the classic blue navy event shirt; but of course feel free to stop me any time during the conference. See you in S.Diego!!!

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  1. Vibro.NET says:

    Flying back from S.Diego, after attending a great edition of Catalyst. I should probably write down my

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