Live Mesh: …because I can

I am sure you already fell in love with Live Mesh: I know I did.

Today I did a little experiment, which probably shows how desperately I need to go in vacation ASAP: I wanted to do a mega-remote session that would go through pretty much all the physical machines I am using there days. The sequence is as follows:

  • laptop in the living room
    • --> Media Center in the den
      • -->laptop on my desk at work
        • -->UMPC in the living room
          • -->desktop at work

Apart from the first leg, done via remote desktop, all the connections were done via live mesh. That's 5 PC deep: can you do better? I dare you, I'm sure there's people working on more PCs out there 🙂

Believe it or not, the last step in the chain (the tiny miniature of my desktop at work) was still fairly responsive! Picture follows:


All those nested realities reminded of Hofstadter and his discussions about recursion in GEB: and pronto, here's there's the integrated cam in the UMPC put to good use for giving some recursive depth 🙂


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