Hide svc extension from your REST services with the URLrewrite module for IIS7

I am now focusing exclusively on identity & services, true, but certain news about former interests of mine are just too good not to share.

While evangelizing the web capabilities of WCF introduced in the framework 3.5, one of the most recurring questions was about hiding the svc extension for WCF services. That makes a lot of sense, since ideally a good RESTful URI (whatever that really means) should not give away the technology that is used to handle the resource and should not change when the underlying technology does change. Thanks to IIS7 architecture, it is very easy to write a URLrewrite module that does just that: if you recall the Mix session about MySpace's use of WCF in their REST API, you'll remember that they did demonstrate this (sample code here).

Now you don't need to write that module for the ground up anymore: we just shipped the technical preview of the "official" URLrewrite module for IIS7. Give it a spin, and thanks to the IIS crew for listening to the REST community!

Comments (3)

  1. qflash says:

    Hi, do you have good URLrewrite module in .NET1.1 and IIS6?

  2. Drew Robbins says:

    Helicon Tech (www.helicontech.om) has an ISAPI rewrite module for IIS6. Depending on your configuration, you can also use one of the many HTTP modules out there.

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