5 years of blogging

2:35AM. I landed few hours ago in Seattle, back from a successful week in Kuala Lumpur & Singapore, and of course I am totally jetlagged and I can't sleep at all. Hence I'll kill some time writing the customarily post I do every April for this feed's birthday (former installments: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007).

Five years is quite a long time in the IT timescale. It always amazes me to see the readership stats: given the specificity of the topics I write about, coupled with my regrettable tendency to tangents & severe verbal incontinence, one would never expect a yearly total of views well in the six digits and yet.. thanks everybody for your attention & patience 🙂

Here there's a selection of some of the most popular's posts since last April. Considering that in the past year I've also worked on the book and spoke at many events, besides the usual customer engagements, I am surprised I managed to write almost 100 entries.

Some musings

Some samples & tutorials

Some announcements

Well, it didn't work: I am still fully awake... apparently I need something stronger, like attacking the 2069 messages that piled up in my inbox while I was OOF. That will do 🙂

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