April the 23rd: session & chalktalk at the Singapore’s Regional Architects Forum

On the 23rd I'll be in Singapore, practically my third home, and will present at the Singapore's Regional Architect Forum (the famous RAF). There is something in that country that charmed me already during my first visit in '89, and every time I have half a chance I try to go visit. Meeting my good pal Linda is certainly one of the things I like of going to Singapore: you would no believe the staggering amount of great work she gets done, all without ever losing her smile 🙂 A close second would be the levels of the customers & the industry in general there. Singapore's IT is often ahead of the curve, which makes it a perfect audience for very new ideas and approaches. That's why I am looking forward to present on S+S, cloud services and how the new paradigms are already affecting the way in which we deal with identity management. I will also give a chalktalk about the internet service bus, I hope to elicit some deep discussion and explore with Singapore's architects the implications of architecting solutions with tools like the ISB (without ever forgetting the identity aspect, of course).

Also in this case Gianpaolo will present on S+S. I am sure he will provide a lot of food for thought, I can't think of anybody more qualified for explaining the topic. besides, his sessions are always fun 🙂 see you there!


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  1. Vibro.NET says:

    2:35AM. I landed few hours ago in Seattle, back from a successful week in Kuala Lumpur & Singapore

  2. Vibro.NET says:

    Tomorrow morning I have my flight to Beijing, where I’ll spend Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday spreading

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