Book Signing at RSA

After a remarkably quiet flight I landed in S.Francisco: the city of the Golden Gate, the Italian consulate and the theater of this year's RSA conference.

I just unloaded on the bed all the swag from the conference bag (very original BTW, love the Turing theme), and I was going through my agenda so far: believe it or not, Caleb and I actually have a book signing session (for the listeners tuning in just now, this is the book). I already felt it a bit surreal, but when I saw our names adjacent to Malcom Gladwell... well, I am smiling like an idiot since then. I know I know, there's more or less the same merit as being adjacent in the phonebook... but I'll smile nonetheless! 😉


Note: if you want to meet you'll also find us at the OSIS Interop demonstrations and at the Concordia events

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