MIX08: what happens in Vegas…

  Next week I am going to MIX! If you are there as well and you want to take the chance to sync up on any of the topics you read about on this blog, feel free to stop me in the hallways: I am very easy to spot! (long hair, gesticulates a lot, strong Italian accent). If you want to be sure to find me, come to the MySpace session or to any session from Justin or Ryan.
Also, as in the best Mix tradition there will be the Open Space (hmm, actually it is new this year 🙂): an unconference area with whiteboards, projectors... if you want to see something specific, like a demo of a scenario you like or a deepen dissertation on an (identity) topic that interests you, feel free to drop me a line before the end of the week: I'll do my best to prep up. I am still in doubt between bringing the full fledged X61 or the Fujitsu u810 UMPC, and if you don't ask about anything specific before I leave I just might bring the latter 🙂

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  1. You can count on there being some great sessions in Open Space at MIX. Tim Kulp

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