I have got a nomination for the ID People Awards 2007!!!

This is really flattering!

Few days ago I've been notified that I received a nomination for the ID Community Award, a prestigious international recognition from the 2007 edition of the ID People Awards. The awards are given in the context of the ID WORLD congress, an event about all forms of automatic identification: RFID, smartcards, biometrics, data collection. I spoke at last year's edition of the conference, and it was really a great experience.

I am very honored to have been considered, and I really want to thank whoever proposed my nomination: all the people competing for the award are incredibly high profile and being among them is, as mentioned, really flattering :-).

I would be very surprised if I'd end up with more votes that the other nominees, but I am happy already: I humbly rejoice from this recognition of the work I am doing with electronic IDs, big customers & community. And to think that the majority of the stuff I make in this field is actually a secret... 🙂


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  1. Fabio Santini says:

    What can I say ? Nothing 🙂 , you found a way to crack the system….

  2. hehehehe Fabio, I’m overwhelmed by the trust & esteem that you pour on me through this comment 😀

    Come va, tra parentesi? e’ una vita che non ci si vede! Passi da Redmond anytime soon?

  3. Come altra "anima della sicurezza" (non è una esclamazione colorita) non posso che associarmi con immensa

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