PageFlow on Windows Workflow Foundation

The idea of using Windows Workflow foundation for driving the UI behavior of an application is a very natural one: in fact, it came out endless times during last year's briefings with the enterprise early adopters and on internal discussions. There was even a major customer that was very serious about it (of course I can't mention the name): I remember last year, at the Boston TechEd, going after the WF and WPF guys on behalf of that customer for finding out what was the situation and feeding requirements. In the end the feature didn't make it into the product, however it has been just released in form of sample. For you that may even be better, in a certain sense: source code and comprehensive documentation will allow you to take a peek at how the product group designed and implemented a kind of workflow that is different from the ones available out of the box (sequential & state machine). Matt from my team has worked hard on this: he gave a session on the subject during this year's TechEd and he just wrote a comprehensive blog post on the subject. Knowing how passionate he is about this, I am sure he will devote more posts to it in the future: I suggest keeping an eye on it 😉

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