The cover of our book "Understanding Windows CardSpace"


Here there's the cover sketch for our "Understanding Windows CardSpace" book. As you may have noticed, the Independent Technology Guides series has the tradition of putting an animal on the cover. While all the books of the series have gorgeous cover pictures (I especially like the lion on David's "Understanding .NET"), I don't think that there was ever any correlation between the animal chosen and the topic of the book. Well, for our book we tried to keep our choice in context: the racoon, with his mask and reputation (to stay in theme with a recent post, search for "tanuki" on your favorite search engine) seemed a very good candidate for a book about Identity. The guys at AW were very kind and made us happy 🙂

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  1. Congratulations vittorio.

    I’ve been waiting for any information about the book since the lecture that garrett gave in the MIX07 event.

    At this rate you should talk to kim about making the racoon the mascot of WCS, just like the dog is in the Identity Gang’s logo.

    Any how, when would it be on Amazon for pre-order?

  2. Hello Adlai,

    thanks for the nice words and your interest in our book 🙂 I doubt that Kim will pick the idea of using the racoon as mascot, but you never know…

    We don’t have any date for Amazon yet: as soon as we’ll have more info I’ll publish them via this blog.

    thanks 😉

  3. Finally, here’s a great book about CardSpace written by the my colleagues Vittorio Bertocci, Garrett

  4. Vibro.NET says:

    [ EDIT: added some sketch ] In short: I briefly discuss some differences between the password based authentication

  5. Windows CardSapce is unique , thus even by it’s name. "Windows CardSapce™" is the official name of CardSpace

  6. Vibro.NET says:

    Hurrah 🙂 Caleb and I just went to pick up the big authors package, containing (among other interesting

  7. Hurrah 🙂 Caleb and I just went to pick up the big authors package, containing (among other interesting

  8. Finalmente disponibile il primo libro interamente dedicato a Windows Cardspace e più in generale alle

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