End user friendly description of CardSpace for your website

Keith mentions he cannot find a good end user description of CardSpace that can be used for introducing the concept to a web site visitor.

Keith, we do have such a description 🙂 below there's a snapshot of it. You can find it in the delivery guide on our community site.


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  1. dominick says:


    Then transform that into html pages and make them addressable individually.

    easy 😉

  2. Matt Ellis says:

    I work for an internet bank, and have spent a good deal of time looking at and explaining CardSpace. When it came time for us to get wording for the customer, we didn’t use this, for a few reasons.

    Firstly, we only support managed cards, so I don’t want to confuse the issue by describing personal cards (which is quite a hard concept to grasp, even for techies).

    Secondly, I want to use the brief attention span we’ve got explaining what managed Information Cards means to our customers, specifically, how they use it to authenticate with us, and why they should go to all this bother.

    It feels like you need a couple of different pieces of text for ISVs to pick up and use – text that focuses on how CardSpace affects their customers, not on explaining what CardSpace is.

  3. Keith Brown says:

    Just a note on the document – there is a link in it that is supposed to point to script for detecting infocard support:


    When you surf here, this just takes you to cardspace.netfx3.com, which isn’t helpful. Any idea where the official script is located these days? I’ve found a blog entry from Garrett, but it’s not clear this is the final word:


  4. Keith Brown says:

    Also just noticed that the link that is supposed to tell consumers how to install support for information cards:


    This also points to cardspace.netfx3.com, which won’t be very helpful for my mother 😉

  5. Keith,

    thanks for finding those out. I am forwarding your comments to the guys who work on the guide.

    Thanks again 🙂

  6. Vibro.NET says:

    One year ago we had a brief wall-to-wall exchange with Keith about the need of having consumer (as non-developer)

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