The NetFx and Connected Systems Evangelism wants YOU!

My team is on the hunt for two new evangelists: one for Visual Studio and the other for IIS7. You can find the details on this post from James, our team manager.

Wihout falling in easy rethoric, I can tell you that working in this team is a phenomenal experience. You play with new technologies waay before they go public, which satisfies the lust for technology & coolness; you deal with the highest profile companies in the world, and that gives you the chance to put those technologies at  work on the most interesting scenarios (when I say the world I mean the globe); you are in constant contact with the product groups, where your experience and your advocacy for the customers are kept in great consideration; last but not least, you are on a team of exceptional people (Matt, David, Justin, Ryan, Brian, James...). If you think you're a good fit, don't waste this chance. And don't worry about the Pacific North West weather: if it doesn't bother somebody who spent 30 years in Camogli, I am sure you'll do fine too 🙂

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  1. Vibro.NET says:

    It’s that time of the year again: the end of June marks the end of the fiscal year, and for us it’s time

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