Virtual Earth gets many new detailed maps (including Genova!)

When I was living in Italy, I looked with a bit of envy all those websites & services that worked just in the States. Once I moved to Redmond, everything started to work right away: traffic services on the smartphone, bird's eye imagery, 3D models... everything worked right away in the area that interests me, form the very start! Hpwever I didn't forget those days, so imagine my joy when I've seen my dear Genova in this list of new imagery just released for Virtual Earth! I spent a good 1/2 hour playing with the bird's eye view of Piazza de Ferrari, il Palazzo Ducale, il Chiossone,  Via XX Settembre... but I especially enjoyed the view of the DISI building in Valletta Puggia, where I've spent the years of my university. You can even see people on the terrace, where I was used to go to study and smoke the occasional cigarette (I managet to kick the habit only years later). Or the parking, theater of many discussions, arguing, big and small dramas, and the start of may beautiful friendships that, I like to think, resists regardless of the time & space gap that separes me from my friends.
And for the firends that came later: now there are bird's eye views for Pistoia and Firence, too... via Panciatichi, la pizzeria Firenze Nova... with its unforgettable Millefoglie!

My beautiful Genova. Luckily the Virtual Earth guys didn't add updated Recco and Camogli (the images of the former still show the sea barrier, taken down years ago), otherwise I would get *really* sentimentale 🙂

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