Mike Jones gets an outlet

This is so late 90's 🙂 At the time, in Italy practically everybody had a mobile phone. If a friend was without a cell phone everybody would bug him to death until he would get one (and everybody eventually gave in, right Luzio & Diego?).
Today in our category we see the same phenomenon with blogs: everybody got one, especially the ones with something to say.

Well, Mike Jones surely has a lot to say. His job brings him to work with the key players in the industry: now he focuses on identity, but he always did that with the WS-* efforts. Being a WS-maniac myself since the very beginning, I've always admired his passion for advancing the industry as a whole by doing the right thing.
So far he was inexplicably blog-less: last night he solved this oddity and happily joined the blogosphere. Welcome Mike! Subscribed! 🙂

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