CardSpace interview on Today newspaper

During my visit in Singapore few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet with Mr Hedirman Supian, reporter for the newspaper Today (also mentioned in Wikipedia).

We spent a nice hour discussing about identity management and CardSpace: to my great joy, last Tuesday the interview was published. Thank you, that looks great!
Today has an amazing readership, and I am really happy of having been given a great chance to reach also a non technical audience: CardSpace is for everybody, after all! 🙂

However, being "technical" myself, I can't resist elaborating on a couple of point of the article:

  • "It is also compatible with OpenID — another digital identity management system that is being developed by companies such as Verisign, Sxip and Six Apart." We are certainly committed to make this happen, as clearly stated by Kim in this post; however the bits currently released do not interoperate with OpenID out of the box 

  • "All your identity cards can only be stored on one computer" Actually,  cards can be exported on password protected files and reimported on other computers. We are working for making the roaming story swifter, but you can have the same card installed on multiple systems already today

Thank you again for having found the time to have a chat with me on a topic I like so much. If any of the 500,000+ readers lands on this blog as well: feel free to drop me a line in the comments if you have questions! 😉

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