Identity Metasystem article on the Global IDentification journal

In short: I wrote an article about electronic IDs (eID), the Identity Metasystem and WIndows CardSpace. It appeared on the Global IDentification journal, you can access it on the jounal website. If you check it out, please let me know what you think 🙂


Now that we nailed the facts, let me give you some context.

Last November I spoke at the IDWorld, an EU conference devoted to all things automated identification: national eIDs, biometrics, RFID & smartcard technologies, anti counterfeiting techniques, travel-related verifications, healthcare, food industry and so on. Great content, exceptional attendees. Added bonus, it was in Milan: after all those miles at the forur corners of the planet, it was a much appreciated chance to spend few hours home.
I had a chance to get to know the organizer team, from the wisemedia publishing group: all great professionals. It turns out that they have a comprehensive lineup of magazines that address the auto ID crowd since year 2000. After some discussion, we thought that an introductory article on the Identity Metasystem would be of interest: and few months later here it is. You need to register with the magazine website to get the PDF, but not only the operation is free for professionals: you gain access to a treasure trove of high value content that you'll definitely appreciate If you are interested in identification. I've really learned a lot about the world of eIDs from it 🙂


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  1. LOL!

    You’re looking for an info related to your job in the “global information silos” of the Internet and what do you find?

    Something written by a longtime friend of yours written somewhere in the recent past… 🙂

    But I’m supposed to be here to post a comment anyway!

    The article is good, and surely is a good source of info for speaking about strategy and vision, especially when you try to define a concept like “federated identity” in a strategic rather than technological way.

    Well written (but it’s not a surprise), pretty natural language, and good value proposition. Nice Job!

    The world is pretty small is it? 🙂

  2. Andrea 🙂 come butta?

    Thanks for the compliments… we’ve got to chat sometime, let me know ur coordinates!


  3. Vibro.NET says:

    I am delighted to announce a slight change in my role: from now on I’ll focus on identity architecture,

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