Information cards on Mac and SUSE Linux

At the Novel Brainshare conference something awesome happened. I absolutely urge to check out the entire Dale Old's post on the subject, however the following fragment should give you some measure of how important that event is (I added the bold):

 So what Baber showed in the demo:

  1. A fully functional, native infocard selector running on the Mac.
  2. He accessed a shopping site with an infocard generated from an OpenID account. Put some things in the cart and logged out.
  3. Baber switched to a SUSE Linux Desktop machine. Fully functional infocard selector there as well. Accessed the same site with an OpenID infocard and see stuff in his cart from the Mac session.
  4. Goes to check out. The site asks for a card with different claims, needs a payment card.
  5. The Higgins Infocard selector supports multiple card stores. In this case Baber selects a credit card from a card store on his mobile phone via bluetooth.
  6. He authorizes a (hypothetical) payment and the online shopping site (the relying party) only gets his shipping address and an authorization code from the credit card.

 After over a year of giving cardspace presentations & briefings, I welcome those news: one thing is saying that this can happen, another is seeing this happening! Congratulations to all the people involved in this impressive effort

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  1. Vibro.NET says:

    In short: this is a tutorial on invoking Cardspace from a WPF/E control and how to use WPF/E for showing

  2. Vibro.NET says:

    [Edit: Added Silverlight SxS con WPF/E] In short: this is a tutorial on invoking Cardspace from a Sliverlight

  3. Vibro.NET says:

    DigitalMe ! Actually, DigitalThem, where (Them==Bandit&&Higgins). Months ago they made everybody

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