Sleepy in Singapore…

...and here there's photographic proof. In the below picture I am testing the theory for which if you expose yourself to natural light you fool the circadian cycle into believing you're not really entitled to feel drowsy. This night my old friend sleeptracker will verify if it worked, if I'll remember to turn the alarm on.

I landed this night, after two fairly long flights; I had the honor of sitting next to the future Pavarotti, currently about 9-10 months old, who diligently spent good part of 7 hours exercising his already formidable voice. Luckily I had my brand new sound isolating gizmo, which proved to be a very wise purchase 🙂

Of course I'm behind schedule, so instead of enjoying the Chinese New Year celebrations (truly spectacular) or succumbing to jet lag dumbness I am juggling ppts (should I say pptxs now? Doug you tell me :)) and config files. The last ~6 weeks have been crazy: I had customers going in production, 6 sessions in an internal conference, this trip to prepare (Linda, Chewy and the other Singapore guys made as always an excellent job: I'm booked solid for 5 days, probably including the evenings) and other stuff I hope I'll be able to talk about soon. That's the reason for which I'm not very blog-olific lately. However I have a whiteboard full of post titles: since I can't reclame the real estate they occupy until I delete them, and I will delete them only as I actually write them, hopefully I'll have to succumb to the forcing funtion. In the meanwhile, I'm just glad to be on the road again and in such an incredible place 🙂

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  1. No, it’s not the title of a new movie from Bollywood studios. I’m still in Bangalore, of course, the

  2. Vibro.NET says:

    During my visit in Singapore few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet with Mr Hedirman Supian, reporter

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