Jumping on the Opinity bandwagon

I got my Opinity profile: http://vibro.opinity.com/ :-). The idea of a reputation profile is very nice per se, but what really made me make my move was learning that they support self issued cards along with OpenID! Try it, you'll discover how handy it is...
Needless to say, I think that reputation profiles like the ones provided by Opinity are practically perfect for being propagated in form of token, hence it would be *really* great if they'd decide to emit managed cards as well... I would certainly subscribe on the spot 🙂


PS: Often colleagues and new acquaintances asks me what's with the "vibro" handle in my messenger/blog/ids in general. Well, "vibro" is used as a short version for "Vittorio", my first name: it's a nickname my friends gave me almost 20 years ago. There's really no other meaning! 🙂


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  1. I december var jeg – sammen med en række arkitekter fra hele verden – så heldig at høre Ray Lane fortælle

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