Gartner healthcare summit, WiFi on planes, WPF WCF & caching CardSpace tokens, Vista, Id World… and neurotransmitters

Well, what a week 🙂

Monday and Tuesdsay, @ S.Diego for the Gartner Healthcare Summit. Ben Flock (mighty PSA!), Chris Henchey (COO & Cofounder of Choicelinx) and I presented a case study about cross entity authentication in Healthcare. The session was largely based on the learnings derived from a WCF early adoption project we had with Cigna/Choicelinx: incidentally, the case study of that project is out 🙂 let me know if you like the picture!

During the session, though, we demonstrated the next step: that is to say, CardSpace-enabling the scenario and seeing dev times becoming from small (with WCF) to risible. I am truly impressed with Chris: in my experience his openness to completely novel ideas is something that is not easy to find in his environment. I'm truly honored we copresented!

Anyway, as soon as I was back I had an internal CardSpace show&tell with colleagues form another division. It was supposed to be 30 mins, but we ended up doing 1:30 🙂 yes, I'm horribly verbose, but to my defense nobody stopped me! And we came out with very interesting questions, though.

Then, the craziest times of all: I had to prepare for the EMEA tour I'm doing. Not that easy! Close mails, review docs, push out the WPF/WCF smartclient secured with cardspace with caching, install vista RTM.... vista is not a difficult install per se, actually it was a breeze: it's that my machines are practically protesic extensions of my brain, and if something malfunctions... it's a problem. So I until i don't recreate all my nice toolbars, scatter utilities & other minutiae I'm not done. But now that I have it, the theme with the fish a' la hokusai rewards me every time I boot 🙂

That done, I've spent the flight from Seattle to Copenhagen configuring few new CardSpace samples, that I'm probably going to use a lot in the next two weeks. Finally I'm here in Frankfurt, it's 8:20pm and it's about 36 hours straight that I don't sleep. Ah la passione ci guida! Given the sense weeks awaiting (ADSs with customers in Germany, briefings w customer in Italy, a session at the ID World...), passione or not passione I better hit the bed 🙂

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