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Almost one year ago the web space that was hosting all my blog images (since 2003) somehow lost all of them, so for about one year my past musings were nicely decorated by red "x" all over the place.

This evening I finally took the time to go through old posts and see if I could find the images in some backups: fortunately it was the case, apart from 2 of them. I didn't realize how dependent I am from visuals for making my point: below there's a list of restorated posts that finally make sense again. Well, sort of.

  • WS-Luggage. While unpacking from PDC03 a luggage slip stuck me as a phisical WS-Addressing header. The example went through! I didn't find the original image, so I scanned a new one from a different itinerary, hopefully the original point will be preserved nonetheless...

  • WS-Trust - Considerations about the advantages of issued tokens over tokens derived from distributed material. One of the first posts in which I use the message security visual notation that came handy in the ws-trust video few weeks ago

  • Artrage and Acrylic divertissments - hard to showcase a drawing software if you don't have a picture to display... 

  • Wingimcana, a little toy I wrote for leveraging the Toshiba M200  accelerometer. It was fun!

  • End to end security - a metaphor for showing in practice what is the difference in expressive power between HTTPS and WS-Security

  • Message Security Visual Notation - A first attempt to push the notation out. You may recognize the SAML diagram I draw during the channel9 video as well, but the notation evolved: it is now less visually entertaining, but also easier to use when you have only a black dry-erase marker

  • WS-Plate - One of the first things I did here in US that I could not have done in Italy 🙂 

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