Please wait for your seat to reboot…

In the last year I really spent an amazing amount of time on airplaines, flying around the globe to pursue my mission: evangelize, evangelize, evangelize! 🙂

A couple of times, always with the same airline, the onboard entertainment system showed a weird behaviour: first it slowed down dramatically, then it... rebooted. Once it even warned me ("please stand by as your seat is being rebooted": I looked worrily at the very chair, almost expecting it to fold on itself like in the SciFi channel pre-commercials), other times it went down without warnings. Well, while flying back from vacation thye actually announced on speaker that if the system is unresponsive one should wait 35-40 seconds (!!!) before clicking again on the controls, or a reboot would occur. 

As I didn't mention the airline, I won't mention the OS that rebooted; suffice to say that bluescreens didn't play a part in it 😉

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