MSDN Webcast: Microsoft Application Platform Technologies in Manufacturing (Level 200)

This Monday (April, the 24th,, at 11AM Pacific Time) I’m scheduled to deliver a positioning webcast, during which I will suggest some use of WinFx (excluding WPF) to address common issues in Manufacturing. Abstracts and subscriptions are available at  the longest URL ever, that I will hide for your viewing convenience here.  Abstract:

Join this webcast to explore some concrete examples of how the manufacturing industry can benefit from adopting the Microsoft application platform. Learn how Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications can be enhanced by the flexibility and intuitiveness offered by Windows Workflow Foundation. Find out how the expressive power of Windows Communication Foundation provides the capability to integrate the most diverse systems, from enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications to OLE for process control (OPC)-compliant devices, using standard protocols or accommodating proprietary ones. We also look at how resource access, communications, and control messages can be suitably secured by identity and access control technologies such as Microsoft "Infocard", the code name for a new WinFX component that provides the consistent user experience required by the identity metasystem.

I recently had the pleasure to work with some of the biggest companies and ISVs in the manufacturing space, and I was stunned by the number of "low hanging fruits" that can be addressed by WinFx, especially WCF and WF. So this time we'll concentrate on the bread and butter of WCF/WF, simply stressing the context of process monitoring or P2E communication and the like... if you are seaching for hacks don't subscribe [:)] (if this weekend rains all the time, though, I may end up with some little WF wizardry...). The bar won't be to the point that if you don't know the Manufacturing terminology you're out, but it will definitely help.

Another thing: I'll mention Infocard, as it's my passion, but the identity part will be more focused on federation in general and the value of having an STS.

Last but not least, I'm prepping a big writing "SLOW DOWN" to hung in front of me for the full duration of the webcast; let's see if it will help to tame my words bursts (I'm quick even for Italian standards [:)]).

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