Webcast: Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, and Identity in Financial Services (Level 200)

I was just presenting to my wife the material for my next webcast on Infocard, and I realized I haven't blogged about it!

Actually, the webcast is going to be on WF, WCF & Infocard in Financial Services. This time the most excellent Marc will take care of the first 2, while for Infocard I'll try to restore the spirit of Vittorio "Pitching Machine" Bertocci; I practically gave the headache to all the ones that dared to open the Infocard lab in my presence during MIX [:)]
More seriously, I've yet to find the time to make a post about MIX; and given the density of the agenda for next week, I somehow doubt I'll manage to write anything soon...

Anyway, back to the webcast: this is going to be a squeezed version of Islands of Trust, with an important difference: this time we have the bits!!! I'm going to give a very brief peek of the hard work that Garrett, Community Manager for Infocard, made for putting together an ASP.NET & IC lab. A great guy, I've worked with him and Steven Woodward (does he really need introductions?[:-)]) at MIX and I really had a great time, on and off duty.

If you have specific questions or preferences, feel free to write me before the webcast and I'll see what I can do!

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