Blogs can townitize!

See, my home town is a wonderful small place on the north coast; in t he summer it's impossible to find parking, and there's an incredible mess of turists, however in the wintertime the population is around just 5000 souls. In that environment you grow knowing and being known by everybody (especially if one day you decide you want your hair long, years ago tended to raise eyebrows), but when after graduation I moved in the city (Milan, Florence) I simply lost that feeling.

Yesterday I was at Borders, a book shop in Redmond (I won't tell you what I bought [:)]), when a guy came to me and very nicely complimented me for my plate: after all those years of non-caring city life, having a perfect stranger addressing me for a pleasant remark felt really good! Thank you Patrick [:)]

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  1. Francesco aka Bob says:


    buon anno .

    Quanta neve c’è a Seattle?

    Guarda che per una girare con targa personalizzata bastava andare a Napoli…

    Un abbraccio

  2. Bobby, buon anno & benvenuto sul mio blog 🙂

    Niente neve, e neanche troppo freddo… piove quasi sempre, ma era praticamente parte degli accordi 😀

    un abbraccio, stammi bene!

  3. Vibro.NET says:

    No, it’s not a reference to the noise I manage to produce all by myself 🙂 "A Crowd of One" is the very

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