I’ve got the power!

That is to say, my router works/all my battery powered gadgets are recharging/the food moved back from the balcony to the refrigerator/I don’t havt to do the most trivial activities at the light of pieces of swag gathered in my years of showing up at events & conferences. As you’ve probably read, here in Washington…


CardSpace and OSS

A customer asked me to forward him some info about how CardSpace is being received by the industry. The bunch of links below is by no mean complete, I’m waaaay too sleepy for hoping to compile a decent list, however those articles should be enough for getting an idea. Feel free to post the links…


WCF on Windows Mobile

Well, I guess a lot of people waited for this. Being able to write WS-* apps on phone? THIS IS GREAT!!!!


Gartner healthcare summit, WiFi on planes, WPF WCF & caching CardSpace tokens, Vista, Id World… and neurotransmitters

Well, what a week 🙂 Monday and Tuesdsay, @ S.Diego for the Gartner Healthcare Summit. Ben Flock (mighty PSA!), Chris Henchey (COO & Cofounder of Choicelinx) and I presented a case study about cross entity authentication in Healthcare. The session was largely based on the learnings derived from a WCF early adoption project we had…


Using Windows CardSpace for securing a WPF smartclient, in WCF & token caching sauce

Hello everybody. It’s some time that I have this sample in the buffer: I am publishing now in a rush, since this sundaly I leave for 2 weeks in EU for some nice CardSpace briefings here and there. I won’t be on mail very much, so I hope you will hold most questions for when…


WS-MTOMPolicy published

Let’s welcome MTOM Serialization Policy Assertion, or WS-MTOMPolicy for friends and close relatives 🙂 As we know, WS-Policy provides a generic framework of tremendous expressive power. It is sometimes very useful for very specific domains to provide prescriptive guidance about how certain common features can be expressed in form of assertions. WS-SecurityPolicy and WS-RMPolicy are two…


Generating a managed card backed by a smartcard

I’ve recently been asked for a CardSpace example which demonstrates the use of a smartcard. Well, our usual Garrett already made it! His STS sample can happily show off smartcard usage, you have just to produce the right kind of managed card. As I described here, a managed card associated with a smartcard will contain…


The Medley

Almost one year ago the web space that was hosting all my blog images (since 2003) somehow lost all of them, so for about one year my past musings were nicely decorated by red “x” all over the place. This evening I finally took the time to go through old posts and see if I could find the…


Identity Theft: The Michelle Brown Story

When something is part of your daily experience, it’s really hard to think that for somebody else it could be uncommon or even bizarre. For some of my American friends it is really hard to imagine that somebody may not know what Fred Mayer is (<ItalianCaption>Una catena di supermercati, niente di esoterico</ItalianCaption>), while for an…


CardSpace: how images are mapped on cards

Architects and developers often overlook it, but the details of how things are rendered is of great importance for designers. This post explains how the CardSpace UI deals with the artwork assigned to cards, so that you can plan for predictable results. Special thanks to Mark Oluper for his brillian explanation! When you create a…