Mobile delight

You may or not may believe it, but I’m writing this post from my new JasJar!!! Everything works nicely (community server is GREAT), and the tiny keyboard is just amazingly effective… too bad I’m too busy now to play with it as it would deserve 🙂


OASIS forms a committee on Web Services transaction standards (WS-TX)

Yet another piece goes to its place.WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity will be the base for THE standard in web services coordination protocols, of which the transactions are the most notable example.There is a long list of companies behind this effort, all big names of the industry: with that kind of consensus, it’s reasonable to expect great results very soon!

The world is upside down…

…or at least is shifted 9 hours back 🙂 The reason of my long silence lies in the fact that I moved from Microsoft Italy, MCS, to Microsoft Corporation in Redmond! I’m now an AE in the Windows Server Evangelism Group, and I’m not adding anything for the time being [:)] Last months were spent handing…


Sometimes agenda can be revealing

I don’t know if you are familiar with the meaning of the word which appears in the agenda section depicted below, however if in your calendar it appears without a name right after it… well, you know. 🙂


Developing Distributed Services Today

Check out the long awaited whitepaper from Richard about producing distributed systems TODAY.


Service Orientation Patterns: Web Service Security Pattern

 Don and Jason (do you have a blog, Jason? I’d love to put you in my sharpreader!) just opened to public a very, very useful collection of patterns related to security and web services. Check it out, start here


“proveremo un’attrazione irresistibile per una nuova terra, al di lĂ  della Grande Acqua… dove ci batteremo per la Ricompensa!!!” Maggiori dettagli in seguito [:)][:)][:)]


I have been xmlcoverpaged… again!!!

Some time ago I had the honor to be cited by the xmlcoverpages article about the new WS-ReliableMessaging; now it happened again for WS-SecurityPolicy. Evviva [:)]  


“…eons from now, we will feel an irresistible pull to a faraway land — to fight for the Prize!!!” Details at some later time [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]