Small visual test: what does it represent?

Hello everybody [:)] before re-heating up the discussion on SO, I thought I could use a little help here: in your opinion

1) what is represented in the three pictures below?
2) which one of the three you like best?
3) do you think there's too much information for a logo/symbol?

Thanks in advance for the ones who will respond [:)]


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  1. MacBirdie says:

    A Windows-logo shield with elements suggesting that it’s monitoring, observing. It surely is something to protect Windows. However there’s much too much information on those, besides the monochrome one of course.

  2. Paul says:

    Shield says "Security" to me, the triange with boxes says "Workflow" the key says "Added security".

    Personally I dont like the key in the hole, looks to detailed.

    The linework says "Off", the colors say "On"

    Thats what I see

  3. Jason Coyne says:

    The colored shield obviously represents protecting windows, and I like the colors. The ID badge gives more info, but is confusing, I cant tell if its an ID badge or an iPod. And it ruins the symetry. I dont like the monochrome one.

    I dont understand the symbols in the middle. It looks like some sort of scale, and it reminds me of masonic images.

  4. Brian in London says:

    If its a windows app logo you need to shrink it to 16% to see what it would look like in the taskbar and beside the clock and yes it does start to look masonic.

    the top left one looks best the key looks like your pen slipped and the monochrome one looks like an old mac icon 🙂

  5. John says:

    It looks like Visio spewed some of its horrible flow chart symbols onto an otherwise ok windows sheild icon?

  6. romeo says:

    I see a possible orchestration of services but this picture not represent a nice logo/symbol 🙁

    Through a framework windows based the operation of workflow could be governate with an orchestration of Services

  7. LL says:

    Reminds me of the .net access / security configuration thing icon. Top left is best (in the mono version the keyhole doesn’t even look like a keyhole!)

  8. Daren May says:

    Looks like a symbol to represent WSE – secure web services

  9. Ian Smith says:

    The monochrome symbol doesn’t really convey anything to me. The first colour symbol conveys the idea of a secure code repository to me. The second colour symbol makes it slightly more clear that the code repository is secure. I prefer the second colour symbol in promoting the idea that only certain individuals have access, but as a logo it’s too complicated and a bit messy and the first colour logo is better in that role.

  10. Fernando says:

    It looks something like Active Directory related with Windows Firewall.

  11. Guys, thanks to everybody! I’ve posted an "explanation" at Thanks again!

  12. Guy says:

    1) safety while doing acid

    2) the first from the left

    3) yes

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