maybe a bit stale, but still noteworthy: WS-Management flies toward standardization

Among the tons of things which happened during my blogout (from "blackout": neologism indicating a timeframe without posts [:)]), there was the push for WS-Management standardization: see

Reminder: WS-Management is NOT about management OF web services, it's rather enabling the management of system and devices VIA web services. Some names of the proponents: AMD, BMC Software, Computer Associates, Dell Inc., Fujitsu-Siemens Computers, Intel Corporation, of course Microsoft Corp., Nec Corp., Novell Inc., Sun Microsystems, Symantec Corp., WBEM Solutions Inc....

Don;'t think of it as something in the distant future, it is going to be happily supported by Windows Server R2 and the next MOM; and, to quote the rpess release, "In March Intel announced the Intel Active Management Technology architecture specification and said iAMT will implement WS-Management in hardware beginning in 2006. In addition, the other co-authors have publicly committed to supporting the specification in their respective products". Handy, isn't it? [;)]


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