The world is upside down…

...or at least is shifted 9 hours back 🙂

The reason of my long silence lies in the fact that I moved from Microsoft Italy, MCS, to Microsoft Corporation in Redmond! I'm now an AE in the Windows Server Evangelism Group, and I'm not adding anything for the time being [:)]

Last months were spent handing over my projects, running after documents, moving my stuff in normal form (that is to say, emptying my room in Camogli and compacting everything in Pistoia), packing & sending everything, shutting down appliances contracts, translating my degree certificates in English, figuring out a way to export oversea my Ecosystem and its happy shrimps, closing the house rental contract, buying an adequate amount of my special conditioner, taking underwater pictures of my beloved beach, getting married (ahem [:)]), working on PDC demos, upgrading the GPS antenna to SirfIII, being mauled by the dentist, buying books in Italian language, rerouting magazines subscriptions to my mom's house, etc etc etc...
Relocating is a tough job, no wonder I didn't have any time for blogging. And shutting down my Italian businesses, as hard as it seemed, is only part of the process: now there's booting everything here, with all the practicalities involved (do you know that here you can turn right even if the traffic light is red, unless otherwise indicated? A m a z i n g! Anyway, the point is: you have to get the driving license again [:S]).
OK, just to say that I'm back on air. My new group (Windows Server Evangelism) is GREAT, and here there are so many interesting things going on that so far I'm in constant cognitive overhead [:)], so expect the post flow to resume pretty soon...

Comments (5)

  1. belin …

    un’altro italiano che se ne va …

  2. gio says:

    sei il migliore 🙂

  3. alebianchi says:

    Saluti ed auguri per la nuova attività.

    Ci manchi.

  4. romeo says:

    Greeting from Italy….

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