Internet, Intranet, Extranet… and Federnet

Hi there!This may be a bit ahead of its time, and it will sound to many as an exercise in empty “formalism”: but I believe it may be food for thought for some others, so here it is 🙂 Summary: I propose it will be useful to have a collective name for the portfolio of…


InfoCard and CT imagery

When I was dealing with the first years of my CS degree, I complained all the time that most of the exams were pure math: everybody kept saying that it would have been a good basis for the advanced topics, yadda yadda but I was’t so inclined to see that strategic value after days and days of…


maybe a bit stale, but still noteworthy: WS-Management flies toward standardization

Among the tons of things which happened during my blogout (from “blackout”: neologism indicating a timeframe without posts [:)]), there was the push for WS-Management standardization: see Reminder: WS-Management is NOT about management OF web services, it’s rather enabling the management of system and devices VIA web services. Some names of the proponents: AMD, BMC…


Mobile delight

You may or not may believe it, but I’m writing this post from my new JasJar!!! Everything works nicely (community server is GREAT), and the tiny keyboard is just amazingly effective… too bad I’m too busy now to play with it as it would deserve 🙂


OASIS forms a committee on Web Services transaction standards (WS-TX)

Yet another piece goes to its place.WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity will be the base for THE standard in web services coordination protocols, of which the transactions are the most notable example.There is a long list of companies behind this effort, all big names of the industry: with that kind of consensus, it’s reasonable to expect great results very soon!


The world is upside down…

…or at least is shifted 9 hours back 🙂 The reason of my long silence lies in the fact that I moved from Microsoft Italy, MCS, to Microsoft Corporation in Redmond! I’m now an AE in the Windows Server Evangelism Group, and I’m not adding anything for the time being [:)] Last months were spent handing…