Today, pretty much by accident, I discovered that an article of the Business Integration Journal define the inventor of the term "WS-Luggage" a pundit. I have to admit that I had to look out that one before deciding if I was happy of it, but after I found out the meaning of the term I coulnd't help putting it in my messenger nickname 🙂

In the surge of self satisfaction which followed, I tried to type some common WS-* queries to see how far from the top I appear. The results surprised me!

If you search "WS-ReliableMessaging" in Google my blog has an entry as the 11th result; for "WS-Discovery", 12th; for "WS-Policy", I'm 22nd; for the query "WS-Trust" I'm number 9! Scary...

Different genre: for "artrage" I'm 12th, for "fabriq" I'm 6th, for "ws-transactions" 4th... but the last one is tricky: there's an extra "s" in a strategic place 🙂

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