Very good WS-* book from Felipe and Chris

I have in my hand an hardcopy of the last book from Felipe and Chris, and it feels good. Title: "Web Services Architeture and its specifications: essentials for understanding WS-*", ISBN 0735621624.

I knew there was a niche in the current offering for such a book, and I'm happy to see that the niche has been filled in one of the best possible ways. The two guys had active parts in the spec process, so they are in a great position for explaining the rationale behind things and give a global view of how WS-* specs are intented to team up. The text is pretty easy (have you ever attended a presentation from Felipe?), so I think it's more than suitable for somebody who just approached the topic. In fact, I can't help to envy a bit the novice: reading this book will get you up to speed in few hours, instead of having to follow years of articles/discussions/projects as who started in 2001 had to! 🙂

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