Ghost of a shell

No, I haven't mispelled the title of a great Japanese animation movie. If you recall an old post of mine, you know that I own a small crystalball containing a whole ecosystem (big red seaweed+hawaian shrimps+microalgae). Well, you may also know that shrimps (and crustacean in general) change their exoskeleton from time to time. Imagine my surprise when I saw one transparent shell floating around in the crysta ball! At first I was agfraid it was the remains of a shrimp, but then I recalled the above fact and I have also noticed from where the animal came out. It' coool! It wasn't easy to take a picture of it, as the thing is extremely volatile and it floats around in poissonian pattern, but after some attempts I managed to get it. I believe that the result has something... arcane, I don't know. Something like Raistlin's toolbox. Maybe I shouldn't have read all those SciFi/Fantasy books 🙂


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