Consumer side RFID killer app!

OK, we've all read for the last x years about how RFID is going to be a breakthrough technology for the supply chain. But what about more immediate consequences on the daily life of everybody? I've found the reason for which IMHO it's worth waiting for a widespread adoption of RFID tags on goods.
Think of what you feel when you are thousands of Km from home, at 2:00 AM, and you suddenly realize that you forgot to shove in your case that indispensable item you need right now: a power plug adapter? your very special toothpaste? That shirt that would fit perfectly for the turn that the evening is taking? The only headache pills which works for your special kind of migraine, impossible to find? An extra battery for your pocketPC? Whatever. It happens me practicly every time I take a plane, when I realize I forgot something is too late (by definition, however :-)).

Now think: a case with embedded RFID reader, which you can train for a specific kind of travel/destination.  Quantities, good categories, maybe cross match checkings (if you have all blue-some shirts and only brow socks, it shoud issue a warning as a minimum: personally I would actually raise a compile time error, but after all I'm Italian :-)) could be verified instantly. No more forgetting key items! I think that a lot of people I know could make use of prebuilt lists, too :-).

Of course that would touch the zenith of the main open problem of RFIDs, privacy protection. For the case case (not a typo), anyway, it should be fairly easy to resolve without resorting all the way to Faraday cages or similar.

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