Spoiled by .NET, connectivity, etc

It's too easy to get spoiled by .NET and by all the related initiatives.
I have the SP3 just from Christmas, and I'm already completely addicted to the idea of being able to write my own little apps with the Compact Framework (earlier I had the MPx200), and being able to connect wirelessly all sorts of divices (GPS, headset, Tablet, PocketPC...). And even if chances are that I'm not going to do it, it's reassuring to know that if I want I can develop with all sorts of technology I want (there are managed or CF-callable libraries for bluetooth, for GPS and so on...).
That idea is so deeply rooted in my way of thinking that now I simply can't believe that I can't find a bluetooth heart rate monitor!
There are all sorts of cheap heart rate monitors, and I'm sure they do their job excellently with all : most probably I'm going to just buy one of them, removing the last excuse I forged to postpone going to run 🙂 But I can't help thinking that having put my hand on a BT widget could have meant being able to write an app which cross correlate GPS coords and heart rate, and guesses which parts of the roads are climbing... OF COURSE I don't need an app to tell if the street goes up but.... well, if you don't understand the charme of doing that anyway, I'm afraid there's no way to explain it! 🙂

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