How Infocard prevents phishing, in practice

I recently had a hot debate about how Infocard prevents phising; now everytime I see the “What’s in your wallet?” commercial the arguments come back in mind, so I guess the only way to break free from them is going again through it. So here it’s how it goes [:)] Disclaimer: for extensive coverage of Infocard and the Identity Metasystem, check out…



Ahhh, finally. Getting a personalized plate was one of the things I was looking for when I relocated to the States.. and in record time, I got one which pays homage to one of my biggest passions! [:)]


bromio & 64 bits

Today my most excellent colleagues Volker, Neil and Trudy sent me what I can define as just the last expression of that creativity that makes so pleasant to be in this team [:)]


The meaning of the symbol

I’d like to thank everybody who gave feedback about the symbol I’ve proposed in the last post. The results made pretty much clear that without a context the meaning of the symbol is pretty hard to parse. However it was hoping too much to get an immediate comprehension of it, as it tries to espress…


Small visual test: what does it represent?

Hello everybody [:)] before re-heating up the discussion on SO, I thought I could use a little help here: in your opinion 1) what is represented in the three pictures below?2) which one of the three you like best?3) do you think there’s too much information for a logo/symbol? Thanks in advance for the ones who…


WS-Survey is upon us

Now it’s the moment to make YOUR vision count! Let us know what is your take on Connected Systems & Web Services, by taking this survey: you’ll have the chance to influence the next wave of guidance, and elicit products improvement… sounds worth few mins, isn’t it [;)] Spread the word!


The church of t4T

Hello there.I’d like to surface a debate I had recently about the application of the four tenets, or t4T for brevity. Please note my blog disclaimer, which applies to all my post even when I don’t explicitly mention it. Behind object orientation there’s Algebra: the idea of classes, methods, equivalence operators… many of the concepts in OOP…


Internet, Intranet, Extranet… and Federnet

Hi there!This may be a bit ahead of its time, and it will sound to many as an exercise in empty “formalism”: but I believe it may be food for thought for some others, so here it is 🙂 Summary: I propose it will be useful to have a collective name for the portfolio of…


InfoCard and CT imagery

When I was dealing with the first years of my CS degree, I complained all the time that most of the exams were pure math: everybody kept saying that it would have been a good basis for the advanced topics, yadda yadda but I was’t so inclined to see that strategic value after days and days of…


maybe a bit stale, but still noteworthy: WS-Management flies toward standardization

Among the tons of things which happened during my blogout (from “blackout”: neologism indicating a timeframe without posts [:)]), there was the push for WS-Management standardization: see Reminder: WS-Management is NOT about management OF web services, it’s rather enabling the management of system and devices VIA web services. Some names of the proponents: AMD, BMC…