WiFi Adoption & commuting in Tuscany

The beauty of managing to go to work by train is that you can happily keep your tablet on, ehr well, your lap, and do your stuff (unless there's a pack of children on an excursion that force you to make a demo of the tablet, of course 🙂 ). That has the side effect of gathering all access point names on the way, if you have WiFi discovery on.
Well: last year, around Christmas, on the line Pistoia-Florence (Rifredi) there were 3 hotspots from companies along the railways line (all unintentional, I guess). After ayear today I checked again, and guess what? There are 24 access points!!!!!!! Man, that gives a new meaning to the word "adoption" 🙂
I look forward to the moment in which I'll have the net all the time...

Comments (2)

  1. OMG says:

    24 its totally saturated! OMG OMG OMG…

  2. Vittorio says:

    Well, not really, the distance is about 30 Km… the good part of it in nice, low-tech countryside. Playground for 3G I’d say 😉

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