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Hi all. It may not be WS-related, nor a crazy musing as the ones I'm used to send: nevertheless, this stuff is more than worth mentioning!
Meet http://messenger.msn.com/Beta/Default.aspx: I'm SO happy it's being publicly released, I'll now be able to use all those features with a wide base; so far I was playing just with an handful of dogfooding colleagues. Despite of all the dramatic, self-evident dramatic improvements, the single favorite feature of mine is the ability to leverage more than one kind of proxies at the same time, including an HTTP one, to use Messenger: that allows you to use the (very:-)) feature rich client (instead of resorting to the still very useful web messenger) even when you are in a foreign network.
And what should I say about http://spaces.msn.com/? That's definitely the beginning of something sweet... and there are connections between the two which deserve careful exploration 😉

...Ah, while I'm at talking about non-WS stuff: install SP2 if you haven't done so yet, you'll have only benefits from it! And if you didn't manage so far, I strongly suggest you check out this update

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