Sviluppare su Media Center, guida per programmatori oberati 1: i Rudimenti

Hi again. As announced, I’m going on with some introductory posts about Media Center development. I’m going to provide a condensed view of what can be found in the standard documentation of the product. As announced, the post will be in Italian: if you want details of an English version let me know via comments….


Sviluppare su Media Center

Hi all.This is going to be the first of some posts about developing for Media Center: I had the luck to contribute to one of the very first applications in Italy, and I believe that it deserves to be discussed a bit. Media Center was just released in Italy few weeks ago, while in other countries it reached the…


Do Klingons use namespaces?

Every SF fan, sooner or later, goes through a phase in which he/she questions the plausibility of what goes on on the various book/shows. Well, I guess I’m going through mine right now.I’m slightly bothered by the classical “Captain, we’ve been hailed” or “Hail them!” when the other endpoint is, to use the understatement of the year, implemented…


WiFi Adoption & commuting in Tuscany

The beauty of managing to go to work by train is that you can happily keep your tablet on, ehr well, your lap, and do your stuff (unless there’s a pack of children on an excursion that force you to make a demo of the tablet, of course 🙂 ). That has the side effect…


Our Presence Services offer increases

Hi all. It may not be WS-related, nor a crazy musing as the ones I’m used to send: nevertheless, this stuff is more than worth mentioning!Meet I’m SO happy it’s being publicly released, I’ll now be able to use all those features with a wide base; so far I was playing just with an…