Penalities for improper use

Unexpected impacts of owning connected devices on everyday life, or my electronic coscience...
Some nights ago my smartphone rang at a very odd hour: I reached for it, half worried and half upset, only to discover that it wasn't a call, but........... a reminder about an article I was supposed to read last afternoon!

What happened: there are low-priority tasks that I'm used to simply postpone for some hours in iterative fashion, until I reach the correct neurotransmitter treshold (read: I get sick of having the same reminder over and over) AND I have the time to deal with low priority task: until the computer gets the sound off during nighttime, that soounds like a despeckable but innocuous habit... but when your phone is constantly in sync with Outlook, it's pretty clear that it's time for me to learn using productivity tools properly 🙂

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