Eclipse shows an error on android project but can find the error

My favorite Android platform on which I can blog so much since its just full of strange behaviors. Latest was this problem where when I build my project then I would see a red mark on the project folder saying the build failed. But then on exanding all folders I would not find any error….


Android Https Quirks

I wanted to make my own Https Get/Post request on Android platform. In this blog post I will cover my investigation and the quirks I noticed for eg. – if you are working over wifi behind a proxy server or 3G. – or what classes to use. A standard Http 1.1 requests can be made using Java…


Android Webview behind proxy

Lately I have been working on Android platform. If you are behind a proxy in your company and working with the simulator here are the steps to get the browser working Settings -> Wireless Networks ->mobile networks-> access point names->telkila. Now enter the proxy server address and port (which will be 80). However, if you are…