iOS AudioSession categories, routes etc..

So you want to record/play something on iOS and now have to deal with AudioSession, categories, routing of audio  etc. There is good documentation on apple website here. Information on that link can be very overwhelming for a first timer and then mistakes happen.   Here is a great lecture video which I found to be useful….


Eclipse shows an error on android project but can find the error

My favorite Android platform on which I can blog so much since its just full of strange behaviors. Latest was this problem where when I build my project then I would see a red mark on the project folder saying the build failed. But then on exanding all folders I would not find any error….


Windbg: putting a break point on managed generic functions

Sometimes its not very straight forward to put breakpoints on generic functions or functions in generic classes. Typing the full class name correctly could be non trivial and frustrating. Here is something which I always follow: Use method descriptors with bpmd instead. The syntax is !bpmd -md <method descriptor address> . Then the question is…