How long does it take to install Windows Phone 7 SDK

I started installation of Windows Phone 7 SDK from this link over my machine

- Windows 7

- x64 dual proc

- 2GB RAM.

- Visual Studio 2010 professional

- Office 2010.

The download of 322 MB completed fairly quickly. The installation took more than an hour. Phew!!! Even my OS (windows 7) installation was quicker than that.

I hope this experience gets improved. Anyways now I shall write my first app :).

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  1. Joe Ferrucci says:

    I agree, I'm sitting here now and its taking forever.  I'm running Win 7 Ultimate x64 on a MacBookPro i5 2.4Ghz 4GB RAM, aside from Apple Drivers, Firefox 8, and AVG 12 being installed, this is a fresh win install so it should be running quickly.  But anyhow, this is taking way too long.  Why??

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