iOS AudioSession categories, routes etc..

So you want to record/play something on iOS and now have to deal with AudioSession, categories, routing of audio  etc. There is good documentation on apple website here. Information on that link can be very overwhelming for a first timer and then mistakes happen.   Here is a great lecture video which I found to be useful….


Eclipse shows an error on android project but can find the error

My favorite Android platform on which I can blog so much since its just full of strange behaviors. Latest was this problem where when I build my project then I would see a red mark on the project folder saying the build failed. But then on exanding all folders I would not find any error….


Windbg: putting a break point on managed generic functions

Sometimes its not very straight forward to put breakpoints on generic functions or functions in generic classes. Typing the full class name correctly could be non trivial and frustrating. Here is something which I always follow: Use method descriptors with bpmd instead. The syntax is !bpmd -md <method descriptor address> . Then the question is…


Android Https Quirks

I wanted to make my own Https Get/Post request on Android platform. In this blog post I will cover my investigation and the quirks I noticed for eg. – if you are working over wifi behind a proxy server or 3G. – or what classes to use. A standard Http 1.1 requests can be made using Java…


Android Webview behind proxy

Lately I have been working on Android platform. If you are behind a proxy in your company and working with the simulator here are the steps to get the browser working Settings -> Wireless Networks ->mobile networks-> access point names->telkila. Now enter the proxy server address and port (which will be 80). However, if you are…


How long does it take to install Windows Phone 7 SDK

I started installation of Windows Phone 7 SDK from this link over my machine – Windows 7 – x64 dual proc – 2GB RAM. – Visual Studio 2010 professional – Office 2010. The download of 322 MB completed fairly quickly. The installation took more than an hour. Phew!!! Even my OS (windows 7) installation was quicker than that. I…


Certificate management for Exchange Unified Messaging 2010

Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging 2010 will be released with a lot of goodies. One of them is to give more control to the admins so that they can hand pick the certificate with which they want Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging service to run. In UM Exchnage 2007 the service would automatically choose what “it thinks” is…


Debugging a managed 64 bit service

I was trying to put a breakpoint in the Main function of a managed process which was being launched by a managed service. I knew about the IFEO (Image file execution option) and I was trying it with vsjitdebugger.exe but it just would not attach. A little web search led me to great blog entries…


Some good books …..

If you dont know about the aha! factor then read the book –  Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley. The problems and the solutions will definitely make you say aha! :). The next one on my reading list is The Medical Detectives by Berton Roueche PS: I will update this blog entry whenever I happen to find such…


How do we talk with COM the language of events and delegates

I wrote this blog entry from a real world customer issue and noticed that how little documentation exists on this topic. I assume that you already know what is a source interface in COM and what are IConnectionPoint and IConnectionPointContainer interfaces. Please pick up any COM book to learn that (I would reccommend Essential COM by Don Box). Also, a familiarity…