How to find out which beta components are on my machine

  You could follow following steps to generate list of components that are installed on your computer. Download Extract the contents of to the folder c:\msiinv on your system Click on the Start menu, choose Run, type cmd and click OK Run c:\msiinv\msiinv.exe -p > c:\msiinv_output.txt  


Visual Studio 2008 setup fails with "Error 1935: An error occurred during the installation of the assembly……."

Sometimes this error occurs if windows update is scanning for updates at the same time as Visual Studio setup is installing components.Workaround 1:Reboot your machine and restart Visual Studio 2008 setup. Workaround 2: If Workaround 1 doesn’t work,1. Reboot the machine2. Disable windows update (start menu -> windows update)3. Restart VS setup4. When VS Setup is done,…


While installing Visual Studio 2008 final release, I see message to uninstall prerelease version of "Microsoft Windows Vista Client Headers and Libraries

Before I start with this post  I’m assuming that you followed Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 uninstall instructions on If not, then please visit link mentioned above to uninstall Visual Studio 2008 Beta2. Ok, I come to the point now While installing Visual Studio 2008 final release, you might see a message to uninstall prerelease…


I’m back!

Last year, I moved to Deployment Technology Group in Developer Division.  I work as a Program Manager for Setup & deployment projects and Visual Studio setup.  Stay tuned for some tips around Visual Studio 2008 setup.  -Varun 


Visual Studio 2008 setup sometimes shows disk space requirements for two drives

A customer reported that Visual Studio 2008 setup displayed disk space requirements for two drives [Image attached]. We had investigated this issue before. Question: Why does it display disk space requirements for second drive when customer didn’t select it for installation? Does Visual Studio 2008 setup installs anything to the second drive? Answer: Setup page shows…