SQL Server – Missing Performance Counters: A consolidated list of known issues

SQL Server performance counters missing!!


Past few hours been crazy one, breaking my head on a ‘Missing Performance Counters’ and now since this is resolved, I want to now off-load every bit of this issue from my brain so thought blogging it 🙂

Issue: A customer is having 24x7 PERFMON counter collection and suddenly they found that all SQL Server related perform counters are missing.

Cause: While working on this for few hours, we could determine that a known issue described in Microsoft KB # 812915. The issue is specific to an ‘ancient’ SQL built (SQL2K SP3), wherein if SQL Server Service is shutdown (re-started) in between a perform collection then, after re-start, SQL Server related PERFMON counters do not appear in Performance object list.


Quick one – Ensure to always close the Performance console or Stop collection before you restart SQL Server.

Long (and better) one – Consider applying SQL 2000 SP4

However the story goes beyond. While working on this issue, I hit across so many distinct issues due to which SQL Perfmon counter goes missing and how to fix/retrieve them. I have consolidated a list of those articles / blogs where these distinct issues have been documented

SQL Server 6.5 / 2000

SQL Server 2005 / 2008

Operating System

Expect to find changes to this blog post, as I might come across more issue on ‘missing performance counter’, but as of today, so-far-so-good


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  1. Dmitry says:

    For SQL Server 2008 R2 I found that you should use "LODCTR perf-MSSQL$<INSTANCENAME>sqlctr.ini" instead of sqlctr.ini

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